Whether you are a beginner, getting  to grips with the basics, or a more advanced player wanting to develop improvising skills, Tim has the experience to guide your development. Tim’s one to one lessons use the latest software and audio teaching aids. By arrangement lessons can be held in the comfort of your home.

Tim believes that both children and adults can learn quickly and easily to improvise and create their own music and that it is this creative approach that inspires people to develop their playing and their musical lives.

One hour lesson, £30. Contact Tim for a lesson.

Tim has been teaching for over 20 years, including, work in primary schools, adult workshops and one to one lessons.


Tim is a member of the Brighton Jazz Workshop, a weekly Jazz improvisation class, that has been run as a co-op for more than 30 years.

His Jazz Musicianship Workshops can be for players of any instrument, or non-musicians, using voice, clapping and percussion to experience creative group music making for the first time. Key words for the workshops are friendly, supportive and non-critical. Tim is an “engaging and entertaining” workshop leader, who uses musical games and simple skills to develop creative group music making.

Contact Tim for a quote and to discuss your workshop needs.

“With Tim it’s not about how good you

are but how much you get out of it.”

“ Four years of lessons helped my son become

a confident and well rounded musician.”


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